Digitalization of all Macedonian televisions by 2013

Skopje, 14th March 2012


By Friday, a public appeal will be made for a new broadcaster, informed the Minister of information society and administration Ivo Ivanovski and the Manager of the Electronic Communication Agency Robert Ordanovski.


The recent decision of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia provides introduction of a new broadcaster, for managing the 3 multiplexes in order to transform analogue television into digital on 1st July 2013. After that, the Electronic Communication Agency will provide a 4G license for its operation. The 4G license will be launched in the forthcoming period. This will enable a quick flow of information. The 4G is 10 times quicker than 3G and we all hope that citizens will use these most recent technologies by the end of 2013, said Ivanovski.


The Manager of the Electronic Communication Agency, Robert Ordanovski, stressed that the 3 multiplexes of the new broadcaster would be used in a specific way.


Two of them will be national broadcasters for national televisions, and the third one will be regional. It is planned that commercial national televisions in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as the regional operating in the city of Skopje and local ones, by 1st June 2013 be transferred to digital terrestrial broadcasting and practically switch off analogue transmitters. This process is connected with the other process of so-called digital dividend, releasing frequencies presently used by analogue televisions and giving frequencies of the fourth generation mobile telephone – the quickest broadband Internet, which is planned to completely cover the Republic of Macedonia in the next 4 years. This will put the Republic of Macedonia in step with the 2020 European Digital Agenda, said Ordanovski.


The public appeal for a new broadcaster will last 45 days and if there is an interested party, a new broadcaster will be selected, but if there are more interested parties, a 30-day tender will be offered for, after which a new broadcaster will be selected.