Press release: accreditation request

Skopje, 22nd March 2012


The Republic of Macedonia, that is the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, will be the host of the fifth meeting in a row of the Broadband Commission for Digital Development to be held in Ohrid on 2nd April 2012, in the Inex Gorica Hotel at 9 am.


The Broadband Commission for Digital Development has been set up on the joint initiative of the International Telecommunication Union – ITU and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – UNESCO.


For this purpose, we would appreciate if you send data (name, surname, position and contact e-mail) for accreditation of your journalist team for attending the event.


Please send required data by 2 pm on Thursday, (29th March 2012) at the latest on the e-mail:


A press center has been organized In the Inex Gorica Hotel for undisturbed work of journalist teams, and it will be open at 8 am on 2nd April 2012 (Monday). Journalist teams that have submitted accreditation requests for the event should register and get their accreditation badges at the desk in the Press Center.