Carlos Slim arrived in Macedonia

Skopje, 31st March 2012

The Mexican businessmen of Lebanese origin Carlos Slim arrived in Macedonia. At the meeting this afternoon with Premier Nikola Gruevski they discussed several topics. He was quite familiar with the economic aspects of the country and wonted to get informed about the country and its leadership. This was Slim’s meeting, and tomorrow he will have a work meeting with a number of economic ministers and will be informed about government projects for attracting direct foreign investments.


The Minister of information society and administration Ivo Ivanovski said at Slim’s arrival that he was quite familiar with Macedonia and knew about the unemployment rate, debts, branches of potential, major risks, potentials in energy, metallurgy and telephony. – He had read a lot about Macedonia since our last meeting, said Ivanovski.


As Minister Ivanovski said, at the meeting with the Premier they had also discussed about education, and projects of the Government for modernization of education. – He is a famous philanthropist and his foundation in Mexico is a great investor in modernization of schools and introduction of information and communication technologies, said Ivanovski.


Speaking about his concrete interest, Ivanovski pointed out that this was only the first meeting and introducing and that the next day he would have a work meeting with the government economic team where they would present the Government’s projects for attracting direct foreign investments. At the meeting, he said, would also be present seven friends of Slim who had arrived with him in Macedonia.


It is still early to say, but it is important that he has a sightseeing of the country and meet with the country’s leadership. He liked the young government team and was very satisfied after he had been briefed about results that Macedonia had achieved over the past period, when there was an economic crisis, and Macedonia showed it skills in managing economic sectors and achieved positive results, said Minister Ivanovski.


So far, Slim has not made any investments in Europe, but he and his companies are very interested to extend their business.


Carlos Slim will chair the meeting of the Broadband Commission for Digital Development, set up by the International Telecommunication Union and UNESCO, in Ohrid the day after tomorrow.


According to the Forbs business magazine, the Mexican businessmen of Lebanese origin Carlos Slim Helu, President of the Carlos Slim Foundation, has been the richest men in the world for three years in a row. His wealth has been estimated at US$69 billion.