The “E-agro stock via SMS” project promoted

Skopje, 1st April 2012

The “E-agro stock via SMS” pilot project will be realized starting from mid-April and will provide bigger competitiveness on the market for trading crop plants and for achieving high prices of products.


The project has been implemented in cooperation with the “Ericsson” company and will include 100 farmers and 10 major purchasers of agricultural products. The system will function by sending SMS messages, after which the customers will be able to see description and quantities of offered products, and then send a short message. The customer who has offered the highest price will get a signal how to conclude a contract.


This project gives purchasers and farmers a possibility for communication via SMS messages, but that does not mean that the final price and concluded contract between a purchaser and farmer are not real. It will be a real system providing purchasers a quick access to information about prices of products offered by farmers. In the same time, farmers regardless of where they are in the country can get quick information about purchasers who offer the highest price for their products, pointed out the Minister of information society and administration Ivo Ivanovski at today’s promotion of the new pilot project.


This proves, added Ivanovski, that our country is a leader in the region in implementation of the most recent information and communication technologies and in better economy creation.


According to the Vice-President of the “Ericsson” company Lene Vaidelmen, the E-agro stock project offers farmers a more efficient way to sell their products via SMS messages and get information about where they products are offered and what is the best price they can get from purchasers.


So far experience of farmers where this project has been implemented shows that they save time, because they do not transport products to markets where there is no request for their kind of products, or where they cannot get the best price, so that there is bigger efficacy both for farmers and purchasers, said Vaidlmen.


Depending on the pilot project success, the Ministry of Information Society and Administration in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy will work on the system upgrading, so that it can be used by all farmers and agricultural product purchasers in the future.


Macedonia is the second country, after India, where the “Ericsson” company has implemented this kind of project. For the pilot project realization, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the “Ericsson” company.