ECA lowers prices for fixed telephony and Internet

Skopje, 10th April 2012

As of May 1, the Electronic Communication Agency (ECA) lowers prices of fixed wholesale services of Makedonski Telekom for completion of fixed telephony call, fixed network access and broadband Internet.


The lowering of wholesale prices for completion of the fixed telephony call amounts to about 25 percent, the wholesale price for fixed network access reduces by almost 37 percent, whereas reduction of wholesale broadband Internet services averages at 27 percent.


"This will enable the entry of new operators in Macedonia, increased liberalization of telecommunication services, as well as new fixed, Internet and alternative operators, so that citizens acquire quality services at accessible prices", said Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski at Tuesday's press conference.


The ECA director Robert Ordanoski said the lowering of wholesale prices would result in reduction of retail prices for citizens, but also improve competitiveness and entry of new investors at the market.


"In line with the guidelines provided in Strategy 2012-2016, the ECA has significantly reduced wholesale services of Makedonski Telekom, which will contribute to improved conditions for alternative operators, and provide the possibility for entry of new operators at the electronic communications market in Macedonia", he added.


Ordanoski also announced the introduction of new prices in mobile telephony in the coming period.