Promotion of the “Girls in Technology” concept

Skopje, 17th April 2012

Marta Arsovska Tomovska, Deputy Minister of information society and administration and Pance Kralev, Minister of education and science visited today the “Orce Nikolov” high school in Skopje.


At the meeting with the Principal and students, they promoted the concept titled as “The Girls in Technology” and explained the initiative for the campaign “Technology needs girls” launched by the International Telecommunication Union – ITU, a specialized agency of the United Nations.


Namely, the conference of these institutions was held in October 2010, where they decided to mark the International Day of Girls in ICT on the fourth Thursday of April every year. On that occasion, the Day of ICT Girls will be celebrated for the first time in Skopje on 26th April this year.


The industry of information and communication technology is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing industries and is market of continually growing work force demand. Therefore, the purpose of the visit to the high school as well as of the previous event was to bring closer advantages of information and communication technologies to girls and stimulate girls to think about career in this field.


Activities within this campaign will encourage raising awareness among young population, particularly generations who attend secondary education, to continue their education in colleges of information and communication technologies.


Encouraging a greater number of girls to enroll in ICT college will result in getting balance of the two genders, and what is even more important, it will increase the total number of work force in ICT field in the Republic of Macedonia, pointed out the Minister of education and science Pance Kralev.


According to the statistical data of the Ministry of Education and Science, the total number of enrolled students in state and private ICT colleges is 6.615, and 4.819 of them are boys, and 1.796 girls, which is in percents 72.8% boys and 27.2% girls. For this reason, the Day of Girls in ICT will be an excellent possibility for girls to get familiar with all ICT fields where they can acquire knowledge and find inspiration in the example of successful women, said Marta Arsovska Tomovska, Deputy Minister of information society and administration at today’s meeting.