Micro-learning training for administration at workplaces

Skopje, 18th April 2012

Upgrading knowledge in the public administration through learning at workplaces should be enabled by micro-learning project, which was launched Wednesday by the Ministry of Information Society and Administration (MISA).


The Project, a part of the Memorandum signed by the MISA and German Society for International Cooperation half a year ago, foresees innovative techniques and training methods and establishment of micro-learning centre.


According to the example of Austria's experience, experts of Austria's Research Studio presented micro-learning system (Leitner system) at the workshop in Skopje before the representatives of the Central Register, Customs Administration, Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, Public Revenue Office...


They will acquire knowledge through micro-learning system that will help them come to simplified information by which managers, ministries or government want to increase the level of knowledge, Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski said.


The system will provide upgrading of knowledge in administration through short lessons during working hours when they are not engaged in working duties.


Any employee will have the option to answer or not the question on the computer. If the employee gives an answer to the question, but it is wrong, the system informs him about it and gives the right answer with an explanation, said Ivanovski.


We are aware that some information and laws that are changing come late to administration and the citizens have oftentimes problems because they know the changes in the laws prior they arrive to administration. Micro-learning system will provide much better knowledge to administration and more quality services will be offered to the citizens, said Ivanovski.


Micro-learning is modern system so far used in Austria. The first phase of project includes presentation of system's functioning and second phase foresees installation of system in MISA and the third phase includes creation of courses.