MOU signing event for improving and promotion of the unique national electronic regulations registry (ENER)

Skopje, 19 April 2012

Under the Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) component of the Investment Development and Export Advancement Support (IDEAS), project a series of activities were launched that will establish the foundations for future growth in investment and export initiatives in Macedonia. Their focus is on operational implementation of the economic development policies and high-level directions driven by the Government of Macedonia (GoM).


In this regard, the Project and the Ministry of Information Society and Administration (MISA) of Republic of Macedonia are working on improving the existing National electronic regulations registry of the Republic of Macedonia (ENER) in order to increase the involvement of the private sector and NGO’s in the process of creation of economic policies and legislation affecting business in Macedonia.


Therefore, in March the Project Director Aleksandar Sahov and the Minister Ivo Ivanovski signed a Memorandum of Understanding.


Through this activity, a series of consultation meetings with the software experts previously working on the basic ENER solution and the authorized professionals of the MISA were organized in order to assist the process of identifying necessary improvements to the system and thereby identify the technical specifications the new system must comply with so that it would successfully serve the purpose it was given in the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) process of consultations of the public in the PPD process.


The improved version of the software is expected to be operational mid-May and promoted to the public in June and September. The IDEAS project will organize a number of workshops throughout the country to engage the private and civil sector in the RIA process.This activity will contribute to increased awareness for RIA and reaffirmation of its role in formulation of sound economic policies and hence, towards overall improvement of PPD in Macedonia.


These activities will result in a stronger partnership and collaboration between representatives of different stakeholder institutions, based on shared knowledge and trust, creating a sustainable model for their future joint efforts in creating better legislation. Attaining tri-partite consensus-driven decisions is a significant condition for a sustainable public-private dialogue, as well the only way to a sustainable economy.