The MISA signed contracts for 31 electronic shops opening

Skopje, 23rd April 2012

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration signed today contracts with awarded participants in the competition for the best on-line trading business plans and enabled opening of 31 new electronic shops.


The new electronic traders announce various on-line trading of health food, textile, clothing, shoes, information packages, medical equipment, graphic design services, thermo and solar collectors, sale of wine, on-line bookshops, construction materials, computer equipment…


Six awarded participants in the competition will register a company for the very first time by starting a web shop, and 25 of them already have their businesses. Active business companies, such as Martialt from Bitola dealing with export of exclusive medical supplies, drugs and cosmetics, expect five to ten percent profit increase in the first year.


Following plans of our partners with whom we cooperate in the European Union and opening of their web shops which resulted with 10 to 20 percent profit increase in the first year, we decided to take this step. Having in mind the fact that our country has a little knowledge about purchasing via the Internet, we hope that the company’s profit will increase for five to ten percent in the very first year, said Martin Jovanovski, the Martialt representative.


The Minister of information society and administration Ivo Ivanovski, expressed hopes that the MISA support in opening electronic shops would contribute for upgrading business plans of the participants in the competition, in respect of expanding investments in additional employment in the information society in Macedonia.


The MISA’s award for the best business plans include a website design for a shop, one-year free hosting, electronic catalogue of 50 products/services maximum, professional product photographing, simple electronic order management, connection with a payment card processor…


The MISA’s Commission, said Ivanovski, will monitor activities of the web shops in their first year operation. The most efficient five web shops will be additionally awarded with a free hosting in the second year and additional electronic catalogue of 50 products.


In Ivanovski’s view, the number of web shops in Macedonia has continually increased. As compared to some ten of them operating in 2010, their number has grown to 200 this year.


Facts of the State Institute of Statistics, said Ivanovski, show that in the first quarter of the last year only 4.1 percent of the Internet users ordered goods and services for personal purposes, and 6.7 percent have made orders over the last 12 months, mainly for buying clothes or sports equipment, which is 20.4 percent. In 2011, 58.9 percent of business subjects had a web location, and 10.4 of them allowed on-line order. In 2010, 6.9 percent of business subjects with at least 10 employees had web trading and accepted orders for goods and services purchasing on the web, while 7.1 percent sent orders for buying goods and services in the same manner.


The competition for best electronic shop business plans is the first part of the MISA’s project “A hundred web shops for a 100 .mk businesses”. The purpose of the project is to motivate electronic trade in Macedonia through a support in opening web shops and trainings for their use.