Girls in technology

Skopje, 26th April 2012

Encouraging increased number of gentler sex members to enroll ICT faculties in order to maintain balance between the two sexes and increase the total number of workforce in the ICT field in Macedonia is the purpose of the concept “Girls in technology” promoted today at the Faculty of Information Sciences and Computer Engineering (FINKI).


This promotion included the Republic of Macedonia in marking of the United Nations’ initiative “Technology needs girls, which started last year and will be marked on the fourth Thursday in April every year.


In the following 10 years, the world is supposed to face with a deficit of cadre in information technology, because its functioning is increasingly becoming dependent on technology. Women’s creativity, talent and capacity are not sufficiently used in this field, and information and communication technologies are a great chance for making a successful career of women all over the world, said Deputy Minister of information society and administration Marta Arsovska Tomovska, the holder of this initiative in the Republic of Macedonia.


The State Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science, Elizabeta Todorovska said that it was the girls’ turn to break apparent prejudice in the next years as a result of this profession attractiveness and possibilities for directing a promoting careers.


Our hopes are based first of all on the study program system. It is now up to higher education institutions which possess the model for increased presentation of girls in these study programs also supported by the Ministry, said Todorovska.


Inclusion of girls in this campaign is a great possibility for them to get familiar with all fields in the ICT and acquire knowledge, make first contacts for their future careers and follow the example of successful women.


The campaign activities included second and third year high school students from Skopje, who visited eight Macedonian ICT companies with women on top management positions.