Minister Ivo Ivanovski at the business seminar organized by the Swedish Trade Council

Skopje, 3rd May 2012


The Minister of information society and administration, Ivo Ivanovski MA, today is paying official visit to Stockholm, Sweden.


During his today’s stay in the Kingdom of Sweden, Minister Ivanovski delivered an address at the business seminar titled as “Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo – three potentials” and organized by the Swedish Trade Council. The Minister directed his presentation to the topic of the Potentials in the ICT sector in Macedonia.


At the seminar, the Ambassador of Macedonia to the Kingdom of Sweden, Mr. Kire Ilioski, also had a presentation on the topic Economic potentials of Macedonia for attracting direct foreign investments.


This afternoon, Minister Ivanovski will have a meeting with the Swedish Minister of public administration and housing Mr. Stefan Attefall, where they will discuss administration reforms in both countries and potentials for cooperation between the two countries.