MoI promoted the new “Watch a Radar” application

Skopje, 9th May 2012

The Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the Ministry of Information Society and Administration designed the “Watch a Radar” application intended for all citizens who use the so-called smart telephones (Android and iPhone).


The application consists of several functionalities that are simple to use and offers drivers a possibility to be informed about radar points, and if any of them is changed, the application will be renewed and drivers will be informed about that.


Our primary goal is not to fine citizens, but to act preventively by warning them and raising their conscientious behavior in traffic. Citizens are offered automatic information about installed radars, which means they will be warned timely to respect the traffic rules and regulations. Thus, they will not only avoid traffic fines, but also drive speed limit, said Minister Gordana Jankuloska at today’s presentation of the application in the Ministry of Interior.


The Minister of information society and administration Ivo Ivanovski explained that the GPS would show present position of a driver at all radar control points. The radar points will be marked with three colors, red when a driver is 100 meters away from the radar, yellow – 250 meters from the radar and green when he is 400 meters away from the radar control.


As for the security cameras that were put in function on the Police Day, Minister Jankuloska explained that according to the law, recordings would be saved for 14 day period, except in cases when some particular photo or recording can be used as an evidence in a certain procedure.


She pointed out that cameras would not be used for monitoring citizens because they had their purpose and goal clearly regulated with the MoI regulations, and also with regulations for personal data protection.


This is a technology used for the very first time with us. We will use it carefully in a sense that nobody is unduly fined, and therefore in the beginning we will make multiple checks of the things done in order to avoid situations when any citizen can be damaged, said Jankuloska.