The importance of Macedonian media in increasing public awareness

Skopje, 8th May 2012

The High School of Journalism and Public Relations, in cooperation with the Project for advancing investments and export funded by the USAID, today organized a working meeting on the topic “The importance of Macedonian media in increasing public awareness about public – private dialogue, industrial policy and export promotion” in the City Hall Center in Skopje.


At the meeting, the audience was addressed by a representative of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, the competent institution for state and public administration modernization in the Republic of Macedonia. The MISA representative pointed out the process of regulatory impact assessment and the Single national electronic register of regulations as an electronic tool for providing citizens, business community and all other stakeholders with information about draft law amendments and supplements in their preparation stage (draft version), as well as with possibility to submit their comments and proposals directly to the competent institutions.


The discussion included the following topics: increase of Macedonian industry competitiveness through implementation of industrial policy; challenges in export promotion of the Republic of Macedonia and public – private dialogue as the only way for a sustainable economy.


A special accent was put on the importance of existing two-way channels for communication of business sector with state institutions in policy creating, the role of media in promoting these subjects in the public, in order to arouse interest of all interested stakeholders.