Training of the Officials of the State Organs in Mavrovo

Mavrovo, 11th - 13th May, 2012

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration within the frameworks of the project “Support of the Reforms in Public Administration” financed by the British Embassy, has completed the second training from the second circle of trainings dedicated to the officials of the civil service in the Republic of Macedonia.

The secretaries of state, managers of directorates, agencies, and inspectorates, attended this training beside the deputy-minister Marta Arsovska Tomovska.


The aim of the training was to determine the manner for easier overcome of challenges and dealing with the changes that faces the public section I n its efforts for creation of efficient and effective service with high managing standards.


The topics that were discussed were connected with the leadership concepts and management of organizations, management of organization changes and effective communication, influence and motivation of employees that are necessary for creation of professional service.


One of the most prestigious school in Europe, the National School of Government from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland performed the training.