E-reminder, a New Project of the MISA for Information the Citizens in Regard to the Institution

Skopje, 16th May 2012

The project of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration (MISA), entitled “E-Reminder” is expected that after at least six months, will have the opportunity to remind the citizens on their obligations in regard to the administration services by five institutions.


With a purpose to implement the project, MISA commenced the steps for public procurement that will last 26 days. It will be presented on the portal for electronic public supply. The supply will be at auction. The starting price for elaboration of IT project is 50,000 euros, but the Ministry expects large interest from the companies and lower price.


- This project follows the government’s and MISA’s efforts to facilitate the administration procedures and the procedures of the state institutions in regard to the citizens, minister of MISA, Ivo Ivanovski said at the press conference.


Ei-reminder during the first phase has to offer priority to the services based on the analysis by the Ministry of Economics, Administration Office for Registers and from the Agency for State Roads, Employment and for financial aid of agriculture and rural development. These services will be on disposal after six months when the implementation of the project is expected.


For that purpose, the citizens have to enroll the web portal or to submit a written application to the institutions from which they would like to get a reminder for each service separately.


The procedure for registration includes the basic identification data, user’s name, the password, contact telephone (cell phone that will be the bearer of the bills for sent messages) and/or e-mail address where the information will be sent. After the registration, the final recipient is offered with a catalogue of services where one can make a choice of the services and the channel for each service (SMS or e-mail).


After six months the system has to offer reminding of the services by the Ministry of Economy in regard to the catering services, such as cabaret, night club and disco club on open space, selling of alcoholic beverages as well as for permits for categorization of the hotels and restaurants. Administration for Keeping Registers will operate by the automatic registration of new births of children, birth certificates, certificates of marriage, death certificate, and the Agency for Employment will inform about the employment permits for foreigners and information in regard to the possibilities for employment of foreigners. There will be also sent reminders for location of advertising billboards on the protection part of the state roads through the Agency for State Roads as well as the aid from the Agency for Financial Aid of Agriculture and Rural Development for realization of the right to use financial means.