Press Conference of the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Ivo Ivanovski

May 28th, 2012


Today, the web site of the Unique National Electronic Register of Regulations, presented the new law on administration that aims among other things to continue the reforms concerning profesionalisation and additional education of the public servants with a purpose to improve the service towards the citizens. Today, the Economic Council of the Government will discuss this law and proposals, while all of the citizens can join this debate with a purpose to make a good and advanced law; this shows our transparency and sincere intention.


Evidently, this draft-law and the modality of open communication with the citizens for its improvement and open conversation for promotion of standards, has strongly irritated Social-Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDUM) that they in a hurry, unprepared held  the press conference that aimed to create a perception that they are doing something while the Government does not and to propose several measures and that is why the proposed measures were not delivered to the Government, but announced them on a press conference which proved that their suggestions are incomplete and unsustainable.


One can immediately notice that what they are offering now, and while they were in power they did not do that, is much smaller in volume and qualification than what the Government and the ministry are doing at the moment to improve the situation in this sphere; it is many times smaller compared to that that follows and is included in the draw-law that has been prepared in cooperation with top and eminent EU experts.
However, we are grateful for suggestions; we shall elaborate them because they are not sufficient and we shall call SDUM to continue to propose suggestions.


Concerning the first proposal for creation of the Officers’ Training Center, we can say that this new project has been completed about its analysis and finalization, and is prepared in cooperation with experts from the European Union supported by the UK National School of Government. They submitted the complete project to the government, and the government and its bodies at the moment are elaborating it; its implementation will commence very soon so, it is possible that the suggestion offered by SDFUM is a plagiary of our work, or is, as we could conclude from the press conference of Daneva is much less than we can foresee. Even at this moment, on ten meters distance from the Government is located the training center financed by the Kingdom of Norway and EU; there is a special section in the ministry which proves that the processes about this topic are deeply commenced and now, the will be additionally upgraded. For your information only, the number of trainings that were organized by MISA during 20110 is three times larger than the ones organized by SDUM in their time. We undertake innovative measures for permanent education of the employees through electronic education thus they can stay on their post which is in accordance with the project Micro Training and Distance Training.


In regard to the second proposal “Test for Better Quality” we would like to remind that SDUM just until two days ago bitterly opposed to this our idea and project, so although it is strange and contradictory the way they change their attitudes, it is good that they have accepted our intention that we are realizing it now. In accordance with the all-progressive world standards, which pays a special attention to the quality, knowledge and skills and the competence of the administration clerks means that this suggestion by SDUM has been already realized. The government has already implemented the managing system based on the competence in administration.


The third suggestion “To Know” which enables a public control on systematization of posts in all institutions, has been already implemented, thus we can not understand how can a law professor dismiss the possibility to see the possibility based on law each citizen that wants to reach the systematization has a possibility to ask for it and that because it is a public document is available in all of the cases. In near future, when the means will permit it, a more advanced system for documents’ availability will be implemented for all of the documents.


In addition, the fourth proposal by SUDM “Ready for Action, Now” which is necessary for redefinition of the Program for Professional Examination for Civil and Public Servants is in an advanced phase of realization. It will not only increase the test quality, but will also introduce several other tests through which  the most prepared, the most skilful and the best will enter and will go ahead in administration. We would like to remind that SUDM through Aleksandar Gestakoski, who now is a member of the Board of establishers of SUDM, and who recently was the manager of this Agency, could foresee or propose such possibility, but he did not do it, and now in a hurry with a dose of neuroses from our draft-law, probably does not know that a much better model is already in operation. 


In general, the SDUM proposals, although incomplete and unelaborated adequately, we have carefully analyzed them, and we concluded that in the proposed spheres we have undertaken several times better and more advanced measures and additionally will be undertaken more advanced modules.


We encourage SUDM to continue to give suggestions without paying attention to what have been already implemented, and to avoid old-fashioned proposals and outdated methods because in that manner does not contribute to constructive improvement of processes.


Tomorrow MISA will present the methodology for implementation of the managing system based on the competence of the administration of the Republic of Macedonia and we call on all interested citizens if they have some proposals for improvement of conditions to present us because  we are opened for cooperation.