The IT Section Welcomes the Latest Steps of the Government

Skopje , 3rd June 2012

The Governmental measures to present vouchers to the advanced university students whose families are socially endangered as well as for employment through well-known employer was positively welcomed by the representatives of IT companies in Macedonia.


Today, Ivo Ivanovski, minister of Information Society and Admi9nistration welcomed the representatives of IT companies in Macedonia and explained them the new governmental measures.


Today, together with the minister we concluded that the measure that refers to the vouchers, we shall completely support and within 2-3 days period we shall p[resent our concrete steps helping top realize we this proposal with the best benefit for all of us. We also discussed the practice of the students. We support it in general and as a Chamber we would like to give our contribution because it is very important all the entities (companies, students, and the government) to participate in the construction process of a sustainable basis of experts from IT industry in the Republic of Macedonia, emphasized Igor Binbilovski, president of MASIT.


The new package that the Government has announced, will present the vouchers for computers for the advanced state university students who are from the socially jeopardized families. It is supposed that in this manner 3,000 students will obtain vouchers.


One thousand people will be employed by the third step of employment by well-known employer. People who are not older than 27 will pass the first level of practice training. The agency for employment will pay them 4,000 denars per month while they are attending the training. The advantage will be given to persons that educated and trained according to the needs of the employer. He would employ at least 50% from those who have passed the training.