The Ministry of Information Society and Administration informs that due to the summer vacation (July-August 2012) the free-training for application of office service program and use of internet in the internet clubs throughout the country, will not be performed.


The Ministry will continue the free-training program in September 2012.


The applicant interested in these courses can submit their application on the following address: Ministerstvo za informaticko opstestvo i administracija, Bul. “Mito Xadzi-Vasilev Jasmin” 50, 1000 Skopje, Attention to: Free training in the internet clubs, or to call 15-111 from Monday to Friday until 04, 30 p.m.


The application should contain the data as it follows:

  1. Name and Surname
  2. Year of Birth
  3.  Address
  4. Contact telephone number
  5. Type of Module the applicant is interested in
  6. Name of the club where  the applicant is going to attend the course

All the citizens that will show an interest will be included in free training, and they will be additionally informed for the terms of training. We are kindly asking the citizens that have already applied for these courses to avoid submitting an application again.