Ivanovski: ICT companies to use the opportunities from the Program of the Open Government Partnership

Skopje, 13th June 2012

Development of domestic ICT companies and the challenges which they face, the possibilities from the program of the Open Government, as well as the condition for public procurement in ICT sphere, haven topics of today meeting between the minister of information society and administration and the members of the Chamber for information society MASIT within SKM.


Minister Ivanovski and the president of MASIT Igor Bimbilovski, pointed out that in such economic times for ICT are important the achievements of the Open Governmental Partnership for an additional income.


Macedonia is 32nd state that signed the international contract for open government partnership that USA had commenced and which introduces transparency, which means open data and registers of all public institutions that possess information of public character. Domestic companies have the opportunity to use that services and database with a purpose to develop applications for cell phones or computers. This, according to the statistics of the World Bank, in some states increased the GDP by 5 percents.


According to Ivanovski, domestic companies obtained the possibility to prepare applications in accordance with the data obtained by the State Market Inspectorate and the State Statistical Office.


The free approach to these data gives the creative opportunity to domestic companies, and helps the selling possibility of services on domestic or foreign institutions that will be interested in it. I hope that domestic companies will take into consideration this initiative and use the data that we have presented for the Market Inspectorate and the State Statistical Office. The data will be in applicable form and exposed on their internet pages so, every interested company could use and make attractive applications for smart cell phones and computers, said Ivanovski.


The president of MASIT considers that it is very important in such economic environment through creativity and innovation of the companies to give the opportunity to the government institutions with public data, to develop applications and services that will provide additional income.


In these economic circumstances, it will be a challenge for all of the companies that feel capable not only for domestic, but also with the regional and global market to develop products and services and to increase their competitiveness and innovatively, Bilbilovski said.


He also informed that they have conveyed to the minister their remarks concerning the public procurement of ICT and presented concrete suggestion on how to improve the conditions. – Taking into consideration that this industry is little bit specific and it contains certain additional intellectual value, we have presented suggestions in almost all of the segments; we prefer delivery of qualitative services and not always the price will be crucible, Bilbilovski said.


Answering the journalists’ questions, minister Ivanovski said that all procurements from July 1 would be performed by electronic way, so every one could see what is purchased as well as the technical documentation.