Forum for Creative Industries opens

Skopje, 21st June 2012

The way of putting creative potential in the function of the country's economic development is in the focus of the Forum for Creative Industries, hosted Wednesday by the British Council-Skopje, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture.


About 80 domestic participants-designers and representatives from sectors tourism, cultural heritage, digital technologies, crafts etc have the opportunity to listen to experiences and practices over creative industries in Great Britain, presented by experts in the field.


A memorandum of cooperation in the field of creative industries was also signed by 11 institutions in Macedonia, including the ministries of culture, economy, finance and information society and administration, the City of Skopje, Skopje-based University "Ss.Cyril and Methodius", Chambers of Commerce.


Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska said the forum would help identify and promote creative industries as a perspective and profitable field, while presenting skills, imagination and talent.


"The sector for creative industries has been in the Government's focus of interest for quite some time. There is no reason why Macedonia should not be among states with most advanced and developed creative sector in Europe, taking into consideration our potential", added Kanceska-Milevska.


Pertaining to the Strategy for development of creative industries in Macedonia, which the ministry adopted four years ago, she stressed it is a document that stipulates development policies in the field, such as architecture, design, fashion, music, theatre, film, TV, publishing, crafts etc.


"The successful implementation of the strategy should promote a new economic model in the country, focusing on creative fields that demonstrate what is best and authentic in Macedonia", stressed Kanceska-Milevska.


Creative industries in the UK made a breakthrough in the 1990s and currently provide over one million jobs and seven percent share in the GDP.


Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski said the individual is the biggest resource, whereas investments in education and information society are required towards opening creative jobs that are competitive at the European market.


"Creative industries are the future. The use of up-to-date tools, especially the internet, will promote the individual's creativity before the world. Creative industries will improve our economy and living standard", emphasized Ivanovski.