The Huawei Road Show

Skopje, 25th June 2012

Marta Arsovska Tomovska, Deputy Minister of information society and administration was a guest of the spectacular international “Road Show” of the Huawei, one of the biggest world companies. At this event were demonstrated comprehensive solution of network infrastructure, uniform communications, IT and data centers.


This is a great opportunity for Macedonian IT workers in private and public sector to get familiar with products and services of the Huawei, said Arsovska Tomovska. Skopje is the sixth capital in which can be seen the world achievements of the most quality devices in the communication field, she added.


Actually, the “Truck Road Show 2012” is a huge truck of the Huawei which presents the latest technologies in respect of cloud computing, e-government services, video conferences, as well as the latest equipment of routers, switches, servers, storages etc.