Intel: Macedonia is a global IT leader in education

Skopje, 10th July 2012

Macedonia is a global leader in introducing information technologies in education. This acknowledgement was presented by the Intel corporation at the Annual innovation conference in San Francisco.


In front of journalists and experts from more than 40 countries, Macedonia was pointed out as a country which has identified in due time importance of the information education in developing economy.


Macedonia is absolute leader in this transformation of education. It recognized very soon the possibility for introducing technology in schools and including teachers, parents and students in better way of learning. Minister Ivanovski has made a fantastic job by giving initiative to other countries to do the same, said Brian Gonzales, General Manager, Intel.


Intel included in the Government’s project “A computer for every child” with 15 million dollars. The company supported electronic learning in Macedonian schools with electronic equipment, teaching programs, trainings and qualifications for teachers all over the country.


The biggest processor producer in the world presented in San Francisco the latest innovations that are believed to become an integral part of life in the next ten years.