Minister Ivanovski visits the AEK-Bitola

Bitola, 6th August 2012

The Minister of information society and administration Ivo Ivanovski visited today the regional unit of the Electronic Communication Agency in Bitola. He informed that an offer had been submitted by the VIP operator in the amount of 5.100.000 euro for allocation of two frequencies of 10 megahertz in the range of 1.800 megahertz, which would additionally improve services to mobile telephone users in Macedonia.


“The Government of the Republic of Macedonia has recently approved the Agency to publish an appeal for this frequency with a starting price of five million euro. Today, the offers were opened and the VIP offer amounted to 5.100.000 euro” – said Minister Ivanovski.


“This tender will last for 30 days and legal entities who do not conflict with the Law on Electronic Communication are entitled to apply for it. The Law defines in Article 13 who can, and who cannot apply for a tender in the Republic of Macedonia. This is very important because the company that applied for the first tender was unable to fulfill the requirements” – added the Minister.


It is expected that a number of companies will answer this appeal, in order to switch from analogue to digital television on 1st June 2013.


As the third step, the Government made a decision on its session for publishing a public appeal for a digital dividend.


“It applies to the 4G technology for mobile operators with a starting price of 25 million euro. The appeal will be published tomorrow, and mobile operators from all over the world, as well as from Macedonia, will be entitled to apply for the tender and submit their offers for this important project within a 30-day period. This will provide citizens with much better services, particularly in the Internet use in mobile telephony” – pointed out Minister Ivanovski.


However, the recently published report of the Electronic Communication Agency about the use of mobile telephony in Macedonia in the first quarter of 2012, shows that the broadband Internet via mobile telephony has increased for 3.8%.