Establishment of a national body for dealing with computer incidents (National CIRT)

Skopje, 8th August 2012

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia adopted the information submitted by the Ministry of Information Society and Administration about establishing a national body for dealing with computer incidents, in order to ensure prevention and protection of public information systems from this kind of dangers.


“For establishing a National CIRT, an inter-sector group will be set up with representatives from different state institutions, local self-government and academic sector. The Group will be responsible to prepare a plan with concrete steps for establishing such a national body”- pointed out Minister Ivanovski at a press-conference.


Having in mind the fact that the National CIRT will have an ongoing cooperation, exchange of experience and expertise with similar international bodies, an international technical support will be necessary for its establishment, and the Republic of Macedonia as a member country of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has already been offered a technical support for that purpose.


It is known that computer incidents can not only provoke enormous financial losses and wasting of time, but they can also endanger personal data of citizens, as well certain classified information, which can also endanger the national security of the country.


“If citizens and legal entities in the on-line environment do not have the feeling that their personal data are safe, they will not use services of the information society, electronic commerce, electronic communications, electronic surveys and other forms of polls, reporting corruption, etc. This will cause stagnation in the Government’s efforts for the information society development, and will have a considering negative implication on the business in the country, and thus on the economic progress” – added Minister Ivanovski.


Therefore, having in mind the incalculable losses that can occur as a result of tenuous information security, most of the countries take measures in respect of prevention and protection of public information systems from such dangers.


The National Body will be a team consisting of IT experts in information system security, that is a coordination contact point for monitoring, identification, warning and determining answers to computer incidents.


The National Body will take proactive measures in order to prevent or mitigate consequences of possible damages, as well as reactive measures for managing computer incidents.


Among the proactive measures to be taken by the National Body are the following: - continual monitoring of situation in the field of information security and at the same time calling security alerts in respect of prevention from causing a damage;
- continual monitoring of technology development for information security and dissemination of collected information;
- raising public awareness of the information security importance;
- conducting educational trainings for specific user target groups.


Reactive measures to be undertaken by the CIRT are as follows: - Coordination in dealing with major computer incidents;
- Preparation and distribution of security alerts, based on received information;
- Collection, procession, preparation and distribution of security recommendations for the information system vulnerability.


“At the same time, establishment of the National Body for dealing with computer incidents will mean a support in building a national culture for information security and support to the initiative for raising awareness among users and citizens” – pointed out Minister Ivanovski.


This will help development of national platforms such as: national PKI, e-Government services, fighting spam, “botnet” computers etc. Also, this will enable building of a knowledge base which is necessary for development and implementation of a national strategy for information security.