Certificates presented to IT assessors

Skopje, 14th August 2012

Citizens and businesses that will need estimation in the field of information technology in the future will be able to turn to certified appraisers.

The first certificates of training attendance and passed examination for IT assessors, were allotted today by the Minister of Information Society and Administration (MISA), Ivo Ivanovski.


Twenty candidates during May this year, attended training and were introduced to the law, methodology and assessment report, and took a professional exam in July. The training and exam were conducted by the Commission whose members were chosen among prominent university professors and people who have contributed to the development and performance assessment.


According to the Minister Ivanovski, after the candidates register for assessment activity, with a minimum of two certified employees, or a sole proprietor, they will be licensed by MISA for assessors. The next assessor training will be organized in September.


“Assessments in the IT area will usually be required by legal persons in certain transactions, concerning purchases and sales, liquidation, bankruptcy and enforcement procedures, and the citizens would also need the appraiser if they put the assets for assessment for starting a business”, annotated Ivanovski.