Campaign continues for the project “Ex officio document exchange”

Bitola, 30th August 2012

Today, the Minister of information society and administration, Ivo Ivanovski MA, and the Director of the regional unit of the Employment Agency of the Republic of Macedonia in Bitola, Vlatko Popovski promoted the project “Ex officio document exchange”.


“No institution in Macedonia can reject a citizen who asks for documents, so that he has to require them at relevant institutions. These direct meetings on the spot provide information for the citizens that they cam make complaints to The State Administrative Inspectorate in case they have been denied some document from, for example, the Central Register, Ministry of Interior, Pension Insurance Fund, Health Insurance Fund or the Public Revenue Office. An inspector from the Inspectorate will make an insight at the spot and if a certain institution failed to comply with the Law on General Administrative Procedure, there will be sanctions for an officer, head of department and director a certain institution”, said Minister Ivanovski.


This novelty has been maximally accepted by citizens, and significant reduction of problems and crowds are evident at counters thanks to the project “Ex officio document exchange”.


“We would like to meet the citizens’ requirements, and with complete electronic connection with institutions documents will be provided within three days. Our goal is to connect all institutions electronically and we expect completion of this project in the next two or three-year period. In this way institutions can exchange necessary documents, and at the same time citizens can get electronic services from their homes via the Internet”, said the Minister of information society and administration Ivanovski.