Presentation of the “Assess the Administration” project

Skopje, 5th September 2012

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration has completed implementation of the technical solution for the support system of the “Assess the Administration” project, including provision of additional devices for extending limits of the “Scoreboard” project and overcoming problems identified within the pilot project (the second upgraded version of the device for administration assessment, so-called Scoreboard ).


The aims of this project are: a contribution to the administration reform process, strengthening of the public administration capacities, strengthened capacities for coordination of the public administration reform, ensuring competitiveness in administration, i.e. a possibility of promotion or awards for those highly assessed by citizens, increased efficacy in administrative performance as well as bigger transparency.


“Within the project “Assess the Administration”, through the Scoreboard device installed on the institutions’ counters, the Ministry of Information Society and Administration will enable citizens to express their satisfaction and assess the counter officers’ work (kindness, communication, helpfulness, service quality etc.) by pressing one of the three digits of the device (green, yellow, red – satisfied, neutral, not satisfied). Devices will be installed in several phases for complete covering of institutions’ counters all over the country. Installation of 110 devices is planned in the first phase.