Opportunity for Macedonian, Slovenian ICT companies to operate at third markets

Skopje, 29th October 2012

Macedonian and Slovenian ICT companies should jointly operate at third markets, whereas potentials of the ICT sector could be used for administration reforms in crisis circumstances, along with the need to rationalize expenses, agreed Monday Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski and Slovenian Minister of Justice and Public Administration Senko Plicanic, who pays a visit to Macedonia accompanied by a business delegation.


Mr. Ivanovski and Mr. Pilcanic addressed a business forum at the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, attended by members of the Information and communication Technologies Chamber of Commerce (MASIT) and Slovenian companies in the field.


According to Minister Ivanovski, the joint operations at third markets are required in time of globalization and increased competitiveness in the ICT sector.


“We discussed how Macedonia and Slovenia could penetrate in the EU ICT market, which is quite developed, but less used by candidate and member states, and also the markets in Africa and the Arab world, where investments are rising since the Arab Spring”, said Ivanovski.


Slovenian Minister Plicanic stressed there were many opportunities for enhancing bilateral cooperation, starting from the ICT sector and administration.


“The ICT is significant for development of a modern and more rational state administration. This is very important in crisis circumstances, along with the necessity for costs rationalization. The ICT can have a crutial role in rationalization of expenses”, added Mr. Plicanic.