International seminar on merit recruitment and equitable representation

Ohrid, 15th November 2012

International seminar "Merit Recruitment and Equitable Representation" is held November 14-15 in Ohrid, organized by the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, the OSCE Mission to Skopje, and the joint initiative of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the European Union titled Support for Improvement in Government and Management (SIGMA).


Minister Ivo Ivanovski stressed the Ohrid event focused on experiences and positive examples from developed societies and international organizations regarding the procedures for recruitment of individuals in state institutions by merit and employment of members of smaller ethnic communities.


"We have the opportunity to listen to practice from Belgium, Canada, Ireland, EU when recruiting people in the administration. These models are welcome in the development of the new law on administration, and assist in the country's employment system by merit", stressed Minister Ivanovski.


He added the Ministry of Information Society and Administration has been continually working on the implementation of such positive practice and experiences of developed societies.


"Some of these changes have already been implemented in the existing system, where only the best five of those tested will get the chance for an interview with officials at the institution in question. However, we also propose additional mechanisms with clearly stipulated parameters for each position, in order to clarify what a candidate must possess in order to apply for the job", said Minister Ivanovski.


He referred to mobility as practice introduced in the Republic of Macedonia in 2010.


"When employing an individual in the administration in any EU member-state, this means he/she is employed by the state, which gives priority to mobility. Therefore, this individual can also be reallocated to another post, depending on the state or institution's needs. Regardless of criticism, we can see this mobility is successfully functioning, whereas numerous administration employees are given the chance to work in other institutions, where they can demonstrate their capabilities", stressed Ivanovski.