"Traffic lights" for evaluation of the administration upgraded

Skopje, 23rd November 2012

Upgraded versions of the devices for evaluating the work of the administration, the so called "traffic lights", were put into service on Friday at the Skopje Central Register. The new devices include touch sensors, sound and light signals after pressing the red, yellow and green evaluation button. SIM card and batteries for alternative functioning are also incorporated in them.


The system has been upgraded following complaints about the first devices installed in several state institutions. Administration staff didn't allow the citizens to vote informing them that their evaluation wouldn't be registered due to shortcomings of the system. Promoting the upgraded system, Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski said he expected the citizens to use the devices "even more now since they have been improved."


According to initial evaluations of the institutions covered in the project's first stage, over 80% of the citizens are satisfied with the provided services, Ivanovski stated.


During the first stage of the project, 106 devices have been installed in state institutions in Skipje, Bitola, Ohrid and Stip.