Proposal for reduced digitalization fees for televisions Skopje

Skopje, 11th May 2013

The Minister of information society and administration Ivo Ivanovski announced today at a press conference that a request had been submitted to the ONE operator for 36 percent reduced annual fees, both for the national and local (regional) television stations.


“The 36 percent reduced annual subscription for the national televisions would amount to 100,000 instead of 150,000, and for regional televisions 13,056, instead of 20,000 euro”, said Minister Ivanovski.


As he said, the ONE operator previously agreed to reduce the prices for 10 percent, however it did not meet the requirements and therefore there was another request for 36 percent reduce.


“We are hopeful that the ONE management will take this possibility into a serious consideration, consult their steering committee in Ljubljana and come out with a positive attitude”, added Ivanovski.


Furthermore, the Ministry will submit to the Parliament amendments to the Broadcasting Law, providing that five regional televisions should broadcast to the City of Skopje and its municipalities, that is a division of the area D1. It is about two televisions in Kavadarci (KTV and Tikvesija), two in Veles (Zdravkin and Kanal 21) and one in Sveti Nikole (TV Svet).


“Televisions will save a lot of money in this way and will not have to cover the City of Skopje and its municipalities thus creating unfair competition”, pointed out the Minister. These decisions were very satisfactory for the representative of the group of national broadcasters Ivan Mircevski and for Marjan Todorov from the KTV Kavadarci who attended the press conference.