Technical assistance for the MISA administration trainings implementation

Skopje, 20th May 2013

Within the IPA project for technical assistance to the Ministry of Information Society and Administration for strengthening the national training system, Minister Ivanovski held a meeting today with representatives of the Lattanzio Group, headed by the manager Giovanni Mastrandrea, and representatives of the EU Office in Skopje.


In the next 18 months, funds of 1,1 million euro will be provided by the European Union for institutional capacities strengthening and administration trainings implementation.


"The project involves experts of companies from Austria, Spain and Italy. We expect in the next 18 months numerous training projected in the Strategy for Public Administration Reform, and adopted by the Government several years ago, to be conducted", said Minister Ivanovski.


According to him, the IPA funds would be also used after adoption of the new Law on Public Administration being presently in preparation, and that would ensure better services of administrative employees to citizens. In this way, it is expected that citizens would be much more satisfied with services provided by all state institutions.