Digital receivers presented to social beneficiary families

Skopje, 23rd May 2013

The ministers of information society and administration and labor and social policy, Ivo Ivanovski and Spiro Ristovski, as well as the executive manager of the Macedonian Radio and Television, Marjan Cvetkovski, presented today digital receivers to social beneficiary families.


“This is a big project promised by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, and we are the first in the region to realize it by 1st June 2013. This will provide citizens with a much more quality picture on TV, and with more extensive contents. Also, we are hopeful that digitalization will bring increased number of employments” – said Minister Ivanovski.


The Minister of labor and social policy Spiro Ristovski pointed out that a total number of 40.000 set up boxes would be presented to social beneficiary families. “In this way, such families will obtain necessary receiver that can be used from 1st June for watching television in the Republic of Macedonia without any financial burden” – said Ristovski.


Social benefit holders can visit all social centers in the country and get a digital receiver after signing a paper for regular monthly exercise of the right to social assistance.


Minister Ivanovski informed that all televisions at local and national level had already submitted their requests for digitalization. A total of 30 televisions will be with a digital platform, among which the four national televisions, six TVs in Skopje and 20 local, that expressed willingness to be transformed into regional televisions. Thirty other televisions will be connected to a cable operator.