Founding Assembly of Macedonian Media Association (MMA)

Skopje, 25th november 2014

Five national TV stations Channel 5, Telma, Sitel, Alsat M. and Alpha TV founded the Macedonian Media Association (MMA) today within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia. The president of the Association, Ivan Mirchevski, said that their activities will include protecting business interests of the commercial TV networks, initiatives towards changing the media laws that are not in favour of the media industry and protecting the rights of the employees.


Welcoming the newly founded Macedonia Media Association, The Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski pointed out the fruitful cooperation with the national TV networks in the recent period- when the new media law was passed, as well as the copyright and related rights law.


"I hope the regional and local media will soon join the Association, too. Our ministry will continue to cooperate regarding every eventual law changes and uprooting the unfair competition in advertising. Macedonia can already utilize funds from the EU media program to create documentary programs, live action programs etc. and to develop media networks, hence we will jointly strive to attract more funds for their realization." - emphasized the minister Ivanovski.


Macedonian Media Association (MMA) is being established at the initiative of concerned national terrestrial television concessionaires as a particular form of organizing and operating within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia.





Ministry of Information Society and Administration