Roundtable: "Effluence of ICT workforce"

Skopje, 4th December 2014

Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski addressed a roundtable discussion on the effluence of ICT workforce abroad, which was organized by ICT Chamber of Commerce (MASIT). The Government Sector, Private Sector and Academic Sector seek ways to reduce and discourage brain drain of ICT experts and students from Macedonia.


Minister Ivanovski said that the number of unemployed computer scientists is 1.330, as published by the Employment Agency, adding that they could satisfy the needs for skilled manpower in the private sector: "Together with the Ministry of Education we've taken several active measures to provide an additional education for them in order to be highly productive as soon as they enter the private sector. In this respect the Government is considering allocating additional funds for training the unemployed computer scientists, because there are a number of foreign ICT companies coming in Macedonia and seeking such staff."- said Ivanovski. He added that a number of ICT workforce registered as unemployed actually work in foreign enterprises. According to the new law they are obliged to contribute to pension and health insurance fund.


”In this way we expect to reduce the black economy and to see the real unemployment rate of ICT workforce. According to our records, lots of them work together as a joint outsourcing team that makes good profit.”- said minister Ivanovski. The Government is carrying out reforms in education and recommends the future students to enroll the technical sciences. The number of enrolled ICT students is 1.200 per year, of which about 50 percent graduate.




Ministry of information society and administration