Workshop on developing mobile applications Code App Level Up 2

Skopje, 9th December 2014

From 09th until 14th of December, the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering- FINKI in Skopje hosts the workshop "Code App-Level2" with purpose to provide high-quality training for students in designing and developing mobile applications and presenting them on the market.


Minister of Information Society and Administration, Ivo Ivanovski emphasized the importance of mobile apps development and reminded the participants about the Law on Use of Public Data according to which institutions are obliged to provide open access to digital data . " The process will help the private sector and the citizens, but we also expect to provide new jobs and innovations. The students, i.e. young entrepreneurs will have the greatest benefit from use of open data and everybody interested in designing applications can do that freely ", said Ivanovski.


"We have made serious efforts in the process of developing young ICT personnel who will actively work in this sphere, contributing to overall development of social life in Macedonia, especially in the field of information society. Government's goal is our programmers to stay in Macedonia and to be hired by private companies in the ICT sphere" said Ivanovski.




Ministry of information society and administration