Final conference of the EU project "Technical Assistance to the MISA and Strengthening the Implementation of the National System

Skopje, 9th December 2014

"The public administration reform is a top priority of the Macedonian Government to make progress in the EU accession process", said Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski at the final conference of the EU project for Technical Assistance to The Ministry which was held at the EU Info Centre, today. " The main goal of the project was to create conditions for development of a professional, competent, efficient, accountable and ethic civil service that offers transparent high-quality services to citizens and businesses", said Ivanovski.


The EU-funded project was launched on 13th May 2013 and is set to end on 13th December 2014; during this period numerous activities were taken by Human Resources unit regarding the training programs, coordination, supporting training policy and development, implementing the regulatory framework relating to the management of the civil and public service, as well as supporting working activities from the IPA unit within the Ministry of Information Society and Administration.


Тhe project was implemented by the Lattanzio e Associati (from Italy) in association with Formez PA - Training and Study Centre of Italian Government - FIIAPP - Public Administration Foundation of Spanish Government and Centre for Public Reform - Austrian NGO, University of Innsbruck and it was contracted by Ministry of Finance Central Financing and Contracting Department.


The head of EU delegation in the country, Avio Orav, the team leader in the implementation of the project, Dominique Ariano and State Secretary in the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, Yahi Yahia have also addressed the conference.





Ministry of Information Society and Administration