Ivanovski at the 10th international conference e-Society. mk

Skopje, 11th december 2014

Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski adressed the 10th international conference e-Society.mk which took place at the City Hall in Skopje. Ivanovski said that The Government of Republic of Macedonia and the Ministry of Information Society and Administration are strong supporters of Internet development in the entire social life, but stressed that people, especially young generations, should be careful when using Internet in order to protect their privacy.


According to the Minister one of the biggest problems in the world regarding Internet privacy is when the user is asked to accept the terms and policy when registering and downloading new applications. "Most of the citizens click ,,Yes,, without even reading the terms and policy, which brings many risks. Large number of applications for your mobile phones have access to your contact numbers, pictures, and web browsing addresses. By clicking ,,Yes,, you already risk those information to be transferred to other companies", said Ivanovski.


The theme of the conference which was organized by Metamorphosis Foundation was: “Human Rights on the Internet – Freedom of expression, hate speech and privacy in the digital world”.





Ministry of Information Society and Administration