Final conference on the project - “Support for public administration reform”

Skopje, 18th December 2014

On the occasion of completion of the project for public administration reform, Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski and the British Ambassador to Macedonia Charles Garrett addressed the final conference in Skopje.


Speaking about the ongoing public administration reforms under the CAF programme, Ivanovski referred to the introduction of international methods for advancing the human resources departments, e-learning process and the quality of the administration work and management.


"The programs which were implemented with the support of British Embassy through expert and technical assistance, have contributed to the professional development of employees and enhanced their skills in order to provide an effective service to citizens through training, mentoring, debates, workshops, manuals etc.", said Ivanovski. One of the final project activities is the public campaign for raising awareness of the importance of introducing competence-based administration work, promoted today.


British Ambassador Charles Garrett said that public administration reform is one of the key reforms for the country's EU integration and that Great Britain has provided broad support for implementing this project. The cooperation within the project “Support for public administration reform” began in 2011, by signing a Memorandum of cooperation.





Ministry of Information Society and Administration