Republic of Macedonia keeps the pace with global ICT trends

Skopje, 31th December 2014

,,2014 has been successful year in the field of ICT, especially regarding the internet usage and its distribution in the country ", said Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski at the press conference, reminding about the results and achievements in the ICT Industry. Ivanovski referred to the internet usage stats (published by the State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia), saying that the participation of households using broadband internet is generally increased, from 65% in 2013, to 67,7% in 2014.


Very high percentage-99,1 % of households with internet access has broadband internet connection (fixed or mobile). The percentage of population using computer, aged between 15 and 75 years, is 67,7% and the percentage of population using internet is 68,1%. The students and pupils are most frequent internet users comprising 96,3 percent. Minister added that Republic of Macedonia has advanced for 10 places according to the "Global Information Technology Report 2014" of the World Economic Forum in which 148 countries were being assessed. "Based on the number of internet users, Macedonia holds the 43rdplace; according to the number of mobile phone subscriptions-82nd place; household internet access-49th; broadband internet subscriptions-48th; households personal computer-55th place etc.", said Ivanovski.


The Ministry has launched a process of preparing short-term strategy (until 2017) and long-term strategy (until 2020) and also Strategy for Digital Sustainable Economy. "All stats, analyses and strategies are in preparation phase. They represent a good base for the following 2015 in order to further advance the development of information society, which will stimulate new jobs and increase national economic growth ", said the Minister.




Ministry of Information Society and Administration