Ivanovski at work meetings in Bitola Municipality

Bitola, 20th March 2015

New administrative laws were presented in the Municipality of Bitola, today. At the work meeting with representatives of public institutions, Minister of Information Society and Administration, Ivo Ivanovski, together with his team of experts, presented the most important segments of implementation of the Law on administrative servants and Law on employees in the public sector. The Mayor of Bitola, Vladimir Talevski, also attended the meeting.



Ivanovski said that the laws implementation aims to provide a modern and service-oriented public administration. "It is necessary for the institutions to make functional analysis as soon as possible and to submit the new job systematization to the Ministry of Information Society and Administration".- Ivanovski said. Afterwards he met with representatives of ICT companies in Bitola, speaking about completed ICT projects and future activities and cooperation in the ICT field.



Ivanovski said: ”The aim is to look at the needs of local IT companies in Bitola, to learn what they need in terms of professional cadres. Ministry of Information Society and Administration and the Employment Service Agency are working on a project preparation for additional training of 1000 unemployed information science graduates, in order to meet the needs of the labour market and private sector needs”.



Ministry of Information Society and Administration