French language diplomas for Macedonian civil servants

Skopje, 23rd March 2015

73 civil servants, participants in the National Programme for 2014, received French language diplomas DELF and DALF, within the International Organization of Francophonie program ′French language in diplomacy and public administration’. The diplomas were presented to the civil servants, by French Ambassador to Macedonia Laurence Auer and State Secretary of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, Jahi Jahija.


The ceremony was also attended by Isabelle Marchi-Barbaux, Director of French Institute in Macedonia. Jahija said that a number of mutual activities and successful projects have been implemented so far: "We are already making preparations for the signing of the new Memorandum of Bilateral cooperation with the Embassy of France".- Jahija said.


"The success in studying French language has shown that knowledge of foreign languages ​​is invaluable. These diplomas are for a lifetime after you pass the test. So I would like to encourage all civil servants to continue learning French and other languages as well, ​​not as obligation, but as a pleasure and a real need in order to create their own professional values."- Jahija said.


The Embassy of France and the French Institute is open to cooperation with Macedonian administration and will support further European integration processes, especially in the field of learning French.


The Ambassador Auer said: "This year we've seen a rapid increase in number of civil servants who received the DELF/DALF diplomas. This means they are seriously committed to learning French and they understand that the French language is one of the inevitable tools for professional communication in the integration processes of the Republic of Macedonia in Europe and around the World”.




Ministry of Information Society and Administration