The project ’tablets for students’ has started

Skopje, 27th March 2015

Minister of Information Society and Administration, Ivo Ivanovski announced the beginning of ′tablets for students′ project, which is part of new economic measures introduced by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.


12.000 vouchers for bying tablets will be awarded to students, which according to the minister, brings benefits to both the students and economy. Eligible companies can apply to the Ministry and start attracting students to use their voucher.


Ivanovski said: ”Our government has conducted price analysis of the most sought-after tablets of 2014. The result has shown that the amount of 8,000 denars is far better than the price of the most sought-after tablet. 15.000 ′A class′ tablets were imported in Macedonia last year and only this government project offers 12.000 vouchers for students”. Minister Ivanovski expects the prices to decline with the implementation of this project because it will stir up the competition.


President of ICT chamber at the Chambers of Commerce, Sasha Ognenovski, said that this project would increase the selling of IT equipment particularly the tablets. One of the owners of the company ′SET computers′, Dejan Jakimovski, also expressed satisfaction with the project.





Ministry of Information Society and Administration