New British IT investment in Macedonia, worth 5 million euros

Skopje, 30th March 2015

The British company 'Allocate Software' has opened a new Application Development Centre in Skopje, which will strengthen the technical development of healthcare applications suite on the market. With a planned investment of 5 million euros over the next five years, the company will be employing 50 leading software application developers. With headquarters in London, UK and offices in Sydney and Stockholm, 'Allocate Software' is the leading provider of specialist workforce optimization.


Minister of Information Society and Administration, Ivo Ivanovski, pointed out that the company recognized the positive preconditions for business development in Macedonia.


"The decision for opening an application centre confirms the government efforts to establish standards and values, recognized by the world, that would bring new investments . The logistics support aimed at creating new jobs for IT professionals is very strong in this respect."- Ivanovski said.



Allocate Software CEO Ian Bishop said: "The company is interested in attracting software engineers to drive forward innovative software products. We have long term ambitions, which will see our Development Centre in Macedonia becoming the largest in the company over the next few years”.


Iain Bishop, Chief Technology Officer at Allocate Software said: "The Centre represents an opportunity for Macedonia engineers to join us and build their careers with a successful international healthcare application business.”


British Ambassador to Macedonia Charles Garrett also attended the event.




Ministry of Information Society and Administration