Temporary licenses for inspectors delivered

Skopje, 30th april 2015

Macedonia's Inspection Council handed over temporary licenses for inspectors today, at the ceremony attended by Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski, president of Macedonia's Inspection Council, Vanco Kargov and heads of inspection services.


In his address, Minister Ivanovski pointed out that the functioning of inspection service is of vital importance for the successful exercise of competences of executive authority because it controls the implementation of regulations and compliance by all entities to which these regulations apply .


”The introduction of the inspector licenses, as a condition for obtaining a vocation ’Inspector’ is covered by the law on inspection control. Knowledge of general administrative procedure, inspection procedure, criminal procedures and special procedures in the field of inspection services are fundamental preconditions for each inspector. By passing the exam they prove their knowledge", Ivanovski said. He added: ”there is an excellent cooperation between the ministry and the Inspection Council”.


Kargov, president of Macedonia's Inspection Council, said: ”preparations on test questions are underway. Trainings for inspectors will be held in the coming period and they will obtain licenses for a six year period once they pass the exam. They will also receive new inspector cards with obligation to carry with them while performing supervision.





Ministry of Information Society and Administration