Ivanovski: Additional 296 vouchers for Tablet PCs

Skopje, 3rd of June 2015

Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski spoke about recent activities related to the 'tablets for students' project, while visiting the store "SETEC" in Soravia Shopping mall.


"An additional check of applications that have been submitted resulted in further awarding of 296 vouchers, so the overall number of assigned vouchers increased to 5.079. So far, 3.200 students have picked up their vouchers from faculties whereas around 1.900 didn’t", Ivanovski said, urging the students to pick up their vouchers by deadline date, June 25th . Minister pointed out that 'SETEC' is one of the companies that attracted most students with vouchers, i.e one third of the vouchers that have been picked up by the students.


"We will continue to do further analysis. We will contact the students if the conditions are fulfilled, " Ivanovski said. Igor Kimovski, one of the owners of “SETEC”, expressed hope that this kind of projects will continue in the future in order to give a boost to both students and IT companies.




Ministry of Information Society and Administration