Facilitated and simplified system for obtaining documents

Skopje 16th of June 2015

Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski and Director of the Office for management of registers of births, marriages and deaths Silas Muslioski reported about the progress of the project for modernization, expansion and adaptation of Interoperability system.


Starting from December 2015, citizens will be able to get most of the institutional services in a single place, i.e by "the principle of one window"."The entire hardware equipment has been received. The Government has recently approved twenty new services that institutions will receive electronically, so citizens will no longer have to go from one institution to another, from one window to another, in almost 99 percent of the cases", Minister Ivanovski said.


The project covers several institutions: Employment Service Agency, Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, Health Insurance Fund, Central Registry, Agency for Real Estate Cadastre and number of ministries.


Muslioski stated that the introduction of e-register of births, marriages and deaths was at final stage. It will provide free access for all citizens so they can obtain documents in an hour or an hour and a half.




Ministry of Information Society and Administration