Ivanovski at the Education Conference on privacy challenges

Skopje, 22nd of June, 2015

The event "Data-driven innovation: growth opportunities and challenges" was held yesterday, organized by 'Google' in collaboration with the Directorate for Personal Data Protection. The event brought together all stakeholders concerned from different sectors: telecommunications, banking, education, IT companies.


Minister of Information Society and Administration, Ivo Ivanovski paid special attention to the topic, saying:" Innovation driven by open and analytical data is nothing new to us. It is an important instrument of country's development and economic growth, and we all strive to achieve this", Ivanovski said.


According to Minister Ivanovski, in the past few years special efforts were made towards institutional development, public administration reform and other processes which set a foundation of the modern society"."We should continuously follow new innovation trends, but also the economic sector interests ", Ivanovski said.


Director of the Directorate for Personal Data Protection, Dimitar Gjorgjievski spoke about the importance of the Privacy impact assessment for all business sectors.




Ministry of Information Society and Administration