Arsovska Tomovska at conference on public administration reform

Skopje, 29th of October 2015

Deputy Minister of Information Society and Admiinstration Marta Arsovska Tomovska spoke at a panel session 'Public Administration Reform-Working for Quality and Transparent and Effective Democratic 21st Century Governance', held within the conference on public administration reform "Enlargement Agenda-Achievements and challenges in public administration reforms".


"In recent years we’ve seen real reforms following the realization of a number of projects", Arsovska Tomovska said, underlining that the quality of public administration is pivotal to both economic growth and development of country. She talked about the Public Administration Reform Strategy 2010-2015 and 6 priority fields determined: public service and Human Resource Management, administrative procedures and services, e-Government and e-Governance, Strategic Planning: Coordination, policy making and better regulation, Prevention of Corruption and Public Finance Management.


"Public Administration Reform is a long and continuous process so this is only the beginning. The strategic framework for public administration reform proved to be a solid foundation for major changes in the system of public service", Arsovska Tomovska said, referring to the Law on administrative servants and the Law on Public Sector Employees, the new Law on Administrative Procedure, Catalogue of Working Posts, Register of public sector employees, Upgrade of the Interoperability System, introducing e-Services etc.Deputy Minister Arsovska Tomovska stressed the need for new strategic framework for the 2016-2020 period. She thanked the 'SIGMA' for their assistance in the coordination of the reforms and called on the domestic public to actively participate in the process of policy making.


Karen Hill, Head of SIGMA (OECD/EC), underlined that professionalism of public service can be achieved through the Merit system recruitment process of promoting and hiring government employees,including top management structures,solely based on their merits and abilities. Apart from ministers and deputies who are political appointees, other employees and managers in the civil service should be employed , promoted, judged or dismissed in accordance with the prescribed procedures and criteria: ”This is very important and SIGMA will monitor compliance with this principle”.


The conference "Enlargement Agenda-Achievements and challenges in public administration reforms" was organized by Progres-Institute for Social Democracy,The Friedrich Ebert Foundation- Skopje office, and Macedonian Centre for European Training.



Ministry of Information Society and Administration