Arsovska Tomovska addressed at the workshop 'The safety and freedom of journalists in Macedonia'

Skopje, 10th of December 2015

On the occasion of Human Rights Day, Minister of Information Society and Administration Marta Arsovska Tomovska addressed at the workshop 'The safety and freedom of journalists in Macedonia', organized by the Association of Journalists of Macedonia.


Pointing out the fact that the media played a key role in exercising freedom of speech and contributed to the development of democratic processes, Arsovska Tomovska underlined that only high-quality journalism can ensure free, transparent and accountable media. She expressed the need for supporting the safety of journalists and their rights and journalism ethics and standards: "New technologies have created new opportunities for disseminating content on a larger scale at significantly lower prices, and unfortunately lower professional standards".


Minister says that continuous and open public debate about freedom of expression is much needed, and in this sense the National Assembly, after holding public debate should adopt conclusions on media freedom annually, based on the indicators and basic principles of the Council of Europe.


"It is of utmost importance to ensure transparency in the processes of adoption of media regulations with the involvement of all stakeholders, "Arsovska Tomovska said, recalling that the existing media legislation was adopted after broad public debate in which international experts from the European Union, the Council of Europe and OSCE also participated. They have assessed that media laws are entirely consistent with the EU legislation and international standards.


Moreover, Minister stressed the need for effective self-regulation: "An Effective self-regulation is the right mechanism for achieving professional and high quality journalism, complementary to national legislation, respected and implemented by all stakeholders and harmonized with European standards and recommendations", said Arsovska Tomovska, emphasizing that only a shared commitment of all parties to transparent, non-discriminatory and partner relationship and continuous dialogue, can establish free, professional and high-quality journalism.




Ministry of Information Society and Administration